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Touch N Go Express can wash a lot of cars!  It does so by washing more than one vehicle at a time.  In the twin Touch N Go tunnels six or more vehicles may be washed simultaneously.  Lines move fast.  About one car per minute. That means more convenience and value for you.  Why wait for an inferior wash when you can wash with Touch N Go?

Touch N Go uses no harsh alkaline or acids. In fact all the soaps and waxes and clear coats used in the wash process are also bio-degradable.

Yes, the system was designed for the delicate finishes of today’s clear coats.  In fact, not many other washes are.  Clear coat finishes are very soft and many other types of washes are not as desirable.

Washing at Touch N Go is better for your vehicles finish than washing at home. As careful as you can be, washing at Touch N Go is better and more gentle for the finish on your vehicle. Washing at Touch N Go is better for the environment as well.

Touch N Go has 90” of clearance. 15 passenger vans, Suburbans, all pick-up trucks except those with dual back wheels. Of course vehicles modified from the factory or by lifting or lowering should ask the attendant before using the wash. Attendants will be on duty when the wash is open for questions.

Yes! Vacs are always free! Just touch the button!

Taking good care of the appearance of your vehicle is very important. Everyone likes to be seen in a clean well taken care of car! You can really feel good about washing your vehicle regularly in a Touch N Go car wash. It is one of the very best ways to help maintain your vehicles appearance and shine.

Unlike old technology touch free car washes that use harsh acids or alkaline chemicals to melt road film and then use 1,000 pounds per square inch (or more), high pressure water to attempt to strip away dirt, the Touch N Go car wash cleans your car gently and naturally. More like you do at home when you wash your vehicle by hand. Or like when you wash your own body in the shower.

The Touch N Go car wash uses higher volume with lower pressure water to flush and flood away dirt, mud, snow, ice, insects and larger particulate and then the sudsy soft FoamBrite® wash system to gently remove road film from your vehicles surface. The gentle but thorough FoamBrite cleaning fingers are made of a closed cell polymer. Because it is closed cell, it acts like the fingers on your hand and won’t hold water or particulate. With every wipe FoamBrite rinses clean. The Touch N Go Car wash system will clean your vehicles finish to the shine.

The wash system is unique and one of the few specifically designed for current production clear coat finishes. With repeated washing you may actually see an increase in your vehicles shine that you can really feel good about!

Touch N Go car washes begin by measuring the length and with state of the art ultrasonic sensors, creates an electronic map of your vehicle, to determine the vehicles type. i.e: sedan, SUV, pick-up truck, van or mini van etc. Once identified, the wash system’s super computer control system actually modifies how the wash acts on your vehicle to provide the very best possible wash.

Immediately following the measuring and mapping process, Side Blasters and Under Body Wash manifolds flood and flush away dirt, mud, snow, ice, insects and larger particulate targeting the vehicles front, sides and underbody. The areas of the vehicles which are typically the dirtiest!

Tire and wheel cleaner sprayers soak tires and wheels in advance of the wash process.

Next are the triple foaming manifolds, providing thick, foamy, fragrance injected soaps. The soaps act like a lubricant to help the FoamBrite fingers gently wash away road film and dirt.

Double sets of FoamBrite tall wraps are next. The tall wrap’s fingers gently contour all the way around the vehicle and into every nook and cranny on linear moving slow motion arms.

The Top Washer and Rocker Panel Washers are next. The Top Washer FoamBrite fingers gently clean the hood, windshield, top and trunk areas. Rocker Panel Washer fingers once again wash the dirtiest parts of the lower sides of the vehicle.

Under the Top Washer are Tire Foamers and Wheel and Tire Blasters. The FoamBrite wash system does an especially good job on tires and wheels!

Triple Foam wax arches are next to apply a foamy fragrance injected wax agent.

Three rinse arches follow with clear rinse water, Clear Coat protectants and spot free rinse. The clear coat protectants provide a beading agent to bead up and repel water long after the wash process and are designed for today’s clear coat finishes. Spot free rinse water is super pure H2O. Made at the car wash for the cleanest water possible and designed as a final rinse to leave behind no spots!

Simonize tire gel is next. Your tires are treated with Simonize tire shine gel. Your tires shine so good they look like a detailed show car!!

Finally to the dryers! Six turbine fans and sixty horse power direct desert dry “Santa Anna” force winds on your vehicle to remove water, dry the vehicle and finish the wash process.

Now your vehicle looks great! And you feel good about treating your car well.

Next it's on to the vacuums to treat the inside as well as the outside!!!!!