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About TNG

About TNG

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About Touch N Go Car Wash

Founded in 2006 and with 40 years combined experience in the vehicle care business, the owners of Touch n Go decided to create the ultimate vehicle wash and answer the needs of today’s vehicle owners :

The best value proposition:

Touch and Go Express Car Wash will provide a fast and high quality wash and dry along with a FREE vacuum at the most competitive prices for all levels of washes 24/7

The best overall car wash experience :

Bright, well lighted, secure and open wash bays.  Wash equipment that provides results not disappointment. Fast and safe wash results with the best state of the art wash equipment. Payment systems that offer the most in convenience: Cash, credit cards and Wash Pass.  With the Touch and Go Express Wash vehicle owners can enjoy very fast moving lines, the highest wash quality and the best overall wash experience.  Technology has changed since most car washes were built and put into operation.  Touch and Go Express Car Wash has the capability to deliver unheard of results. Touch and Go’s wash technology is the best way to clean and care for your vehicles finish.

The highest quality clean 

Touch and go uses the FoamBrite ® wash system.  The wash system includes a new state of the art “smart” PLC controller technology that ultrasonically measures and then identifies the vehicle type to wash it properly and enhance safety.  FoamBrite is a closed cell polymer wash material used along with the highest quality foaming detergents, tire dressings and clear coat protectants to thoroughly yet gently wash vehicles to a high gloss finish.